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Door card rattles

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My car needs a service shortly and as part of this the infernal door buzzing / rattling needs looking at. It’s been in before for this (unsuccessfully) - at the time it was with loud music from the grab handle area, that has now been joined by the speaker area even with the sound system switched off if there is any rough surface. Mainly drivers door. My question is - has anybody successfully sorted this, and how? Was it the dealer, yourself or a third party? Were there any recall notices to refer to?
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There is some document that ford acknowledges the weather strips can rattle against the glass but they won’t do anything about this and I find that only happens with a lot of volume on bass heavy tracks so not really enough of an issue for me to mind much.
I think my carbon insert on the door buzzes a bit with certain frequencies and volumes. I’ve been meaning to pack it with some fabric tape.
The only issue I had with the grab handle rattling is when it actually broke. I heard a clip go and it wasn’t as solid but that was sorted under warranty.
Otherwise the speakers are capable of producing frequencies that the build quality of the car can’t cope with.
I’ve only had one really annoying issue over rough tarmac causing a buzzy rattle, but I managed to track that down to a connector in the overhead console and fixed it myself.
Does this help!
I remember the post but it doesn’t appear to have lead to a satisfactory answer. I’d like it sorting, however I’m certainly not in same boat in terms of unhappiness with the car, and a bit of volume sorts both buzzes!
Have the same issue. No luck getting fixed via the dealer. Very happy with the car otherwise! Would be interested in any feedback regarding a fix
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