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Do Yourself A Favour, Don't Buy Jvc

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I fitted a JVC KD-AVX44 about 2 months ago into my
as I had it sitting my cupboard because I bought it for my last car but never used it.

In the last couple of days the faceplate has been messing about, when I clip it to the head unit, it shows it has power but will not switch on, you have to jiggle it about a bit.
So I got home tonight, the screen then turned white although all the buttons were working, removed it and refitted it and then the screen was blank.
Disconnected the faceplate again, reconnected it and smoke started pouring out of the dashboard
, luckily enough I had the removal keys in the ashtray.

Is it definitely the 20th today because I started the day by falling down a set of wet stairs, I was starting to think it was the 13th today
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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