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Do All Facelift St's Have Led Rear Lights?

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as above really, would very much be appreciated
thanks in advance!
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I think not, ST-1 and maybe ST-2 facelift cars have normal bulbs with a fake LED effect to the lenses
ahhhh, i just bought some on ebay and im pretty sure they dont look like the LED ones
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not sure about ST1's but my facelift ST2 does have LEDs
I thought all facelift ST2 & ST3 had led rear lights? Having said that, my indicator bulb in the back is not led......
Is it just the brake lights that are led, or are the indicators led too?

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mine are just the brakes and the rear lights not the indercator on a ST2
Mine are LED too (ST2) I was told yesterday that you cant get an ST1 anymore???
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