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I have been offered the chance to have a meet in demontweeks in wrexham on the 10th of April

Cloud Building Car Sky Vehicle

Demon Tweeks Direct,
75 Ash Road South,
Wrexham Industrial Estate,
LL13 9UG

On the day there will be 10% discount cards for all members which have to be used on the day,
there will also be a burger van on site for us.

I also have a friend who is a photographer who will come down and get some good pic's that he will put up for sale.

Also if we have time we could take a drive up the horseshoe pass in llangollen, there is a cafe at the top and some brilliant places to get some nice photo's

please let me know if your intrested so i know if it worth organising it thanks





phil sxi


danbo 1390

troy 45

converted chris


st tommo








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I have been to tweeks to day to sort a few things out and they said they or going to order lots of things in for the

just still waiting on a date il get it up as soon as possible

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I have booked tweeks for the 10th of April, they have sent me info which they have asked me to post

To confirm, this is what we will offer to your club members attending on the day :

Specific parking for you all at the right-hand side of the building, ideal for photoshoots, chats, grouping cars etc - there will need to be access still for trucks unloading & loading but we will speak to you on arrival. Depending on numbers, you may also have to use the staff car park.

Burger Van - Great burgers and drinks available on site.

Why not take advantage of the specific deals on offer for you and your members ?
15% discount off all tracking and/or labour (fitting services) for all pre-booked jobs for that day (only on parts that will be paid for here on the day). All work must be pre-booked via Kevin Manley on 01978 663031 or [email protected]

10% discount on all items purchased in the showroom or fitting centre on the day, whether available on the day, or sent / collected at a later date. Please note there are just a couple of product lines that discounts cannot be given on eg Pioneer ICE, some tyres - these will be informed at the time of purchase as it's very few. These offers can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

To try and make the day better for all involved, if you can give some guidance to the major car marques in your club we will see if we can offer some other specific deals for the day.

A few notes that we require you to do/note :

Please keep us up to date with numbers attending - we will try and make sure it's as organised as possible for the correct amount of cars.

There is a speed limit of 5mph whilst in the grounds of Demon Tweeks - it's a normal day of business for us and quite often familes/children around . Anyone from your group found ignoring our rules will result in the whole group being penalised and asked to leave, this is just a cautionary note and not one that we have had to refer to before. On the subject of speed we would also advise abiding by the highway laws as it's normal to see a Police presence on and around the industrial estate.

One person collect the discount vouchers on arrival - please hand back when making a purchase.

put me down for that too, not far from me so it will be a good chance to meet up with other st owners and chat about thier cars and upgrades
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