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I want to got chequered decals from DMB they advise professional fitting.Has anybody fitted decals themselves .Is it easy,is it the wrong time of year ie too cold
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Tis possible to fit them yourselves but i'd suggest a bit of experience is needed especially if going for chequers - knowing you're near me mate why not give Gary at Wolf a ring and get the whole lot done there?
Amanda and johnpro fitted them onto Amanda's car themselves. They claim it was easy
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Let DMB do it for you !

They did mine for me and after watching him, I am glad I let him do it!!!!

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As you can imagine i have seen a bit off vinyl put on my car and NO i would not do it my self.
Why are you all so scared of putting on some sticky paper onto your cars?
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sorry disagree with you all ... fitting decals is easy if :-

1. You are calm !!!

2. There are 2 of you ... the larger sheets a bit tricky to hold on your own

3. You have somewhere suitable ... a drive or garage .. wouldnt like to attept if there was a lot of dust kicking round

4. You have some idea of how its done (ie clean & clay car then spay with fine mist, how to smooth out air bubbles etc)

John & I fitted mine, with john only seing a demo once, and the final result was good. we were both very pleased.

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