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Hi every one

I am in a bit of a pickle at the moment so I have turned to the focustoc for my soloution I am getting Dreamscience for my Christmas, but I am unsure what one to get either that standard handet or the DashDaq, I was really looking for someone to help point me in the right direction, I have some question to ask and if anyone knowes the answers could you pop them up as I need to get it ordered this week.

Either way I will be taking advantage of the DS Christmas offers lol

1. What System is you preffered choice and why?
2. Are there any pro's and Con's to either system?
3. What System has the most maps?
4. What System is the easiest to update?
5. Do you have to leave the Dashdaq plugged in for the maps to work of can you remove it like the Dreamscience handset,
6. Any Positive or negitive feed back for either Unit,
7. Is the Dashdaq just more of a look at what I am have type toy or does it offer a real benifit.



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Hi there,

ok first of all im
with cars so prob wont be that much help but here goes!!

I recently got the stratagem ultra with dashdaq touchscreen unit.

Maps very easy to install, takes about 10 minutes! unit only needs to be left attached when installing a map!

After its finished u can remove it or leave it attached as it apparently has some decent features like 0-60 time and 1/4 mile lap time etc although i aint had time to work it out yet!!

if anyone knows how to use these features some guidance would be apprecieted

Comes with mod c, mod b, DSCI, race +, race, performance +, STOC map and couple of others i think but they on the website!

Also its very simple to return to stock map! push a few buttons and 10 mins later its done! easy!

Only downer i believe is that it only has 3 lives where as the older units had 5 i think, someone correct me if im wrong!!

Hope this helps
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