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Dash Board Seat Belt Light And Bell!

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Hi guys!

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to mute the beeping that comes from the dash board when driving without a seat belt on? I wear my seat belt when ever driving but at silly times, for example when I'm swapping my car and the girls car in the driveway or when I'm moving to work on it etc the beeping sound starts!

Does anyone know how to mute it or turn it off? I know it can be done for the passenger seat in case you are carrying anything on it but can it be done for the drivers seat?

Any help would be great! Cheers
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Plug in and unplug the seatbelt quickly a couple of times this cancel's the beeping.
You can knock the beeping off by clicking the indicator on too.
Stay under 10mph and it should not come on. I do it at work when i have to move my car from our downstairs carpark to the upper level. Or plug the seatbelt in before sitting on the seat.
there is a way to permantly turn it off, somthing like clicking the seatbelt on and off about 9 times. I think its in the manual
Have you checked in the cluster menu, in the 'chimes' section? I can't remember off-hand if seatbelt is an option there. It's possible that its not since its a more safety-oriented feature than say low-fuel warning so you probably can't silence it. But worth checking anyway.
QUOTE(ST tyrone @ 26 Nov 2009, 01:17 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Just put the belt on, its not that bad

What he said!
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As a general rule if its beeping then you should have it on. It only comes on above something like 16mph, but once it starts it doesn't stop untill you put the belt on.
you can push seatbelt buckle button in to stop the beeping. The light on the dash will stay on tho
Thanks for that! I'm pretty sure though that mine comes on even though I'm doing under 10 or 16 mph.

I understand what your saying about wearing the seat belt. It does make sense. It can just be a pain when only moving a short distance etc. No hassle though.

Thanks again.

You don't have to put the buckle in - just press the red button 5 times as soon as it starts to beep and the beeping will stop and the dash light will go off, you have to do this every time though as it isn't permanent
Easy mate, if your that bothered go to a scrap yard and buy a belt buckle for a fiver and put it in - hey presto
but TBH just wear it
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OK guys.

It can be disable at Ford Using the IDS, or you can do it yourself.

General Procedures


1.Apply the parking brake.

2.Place the transmission selector lever in P (Park) - vehicles with automatic transmission or the neutral position - vehicles with manual transmission.

3.Turn the ignition switch to the 0 position.

4.Close all the vehicle doors from the inside of the vehicle.


NOTE: Deactivation of the belt minder may also be carried out using IDS. Follow the instructions on the screen.

1.Unbuckle the drivers safety belt.

2.Turn the ignition switch to position II. (Do not start the engine).

3.Wait at least 15 seconds.

4.NOTE: This step must be completed within 60 seconds or the procedure must be repeated.
Buckle then unbuckle the safety belt nine times, ending with the safety belt unbuckled. Release the red unbuckle switch completely every cycle.

5.The safety belt warning indicator flashes three times to confirm the belt minder status change.

6.Turn the ignition switch to position 0. The deactivation/activation procedure is now complete.

Hope That Helps
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