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Cracked Front Wheel

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Well I had a puncture and the garage had a look but couldn't seen any nails, screws cuts etc so they just changed the valve and it was still going down. I took the wheel off and checked the tyre but couldn't find anything so I just ordered a new tyre from mytyres.

I've just took it back off again as it was really annoying me as to where the leak was and I was going to submerge it in the bath once nice and clean, whilst I was cleaning it I found a crack on the inside of the wheel right next to the bead of the tyre. There is absolutely no damage to the wheel, which beckons the question has this happened much and would the wheel be covered under warranty as the wheel will be 3 year old at the end of this month?

Also has anybody had this problem before, and can a cracked wheel be repaired?


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My old boss hit a pot hole in his Mercedes SL500. It cracked his alloy which couldn't be repared. He had to buy a new wheel and tyre which wasn't cheap for the rear end of an SL500

So i'm guessing your looking at a new or atleast secound hand wheel
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Shame dude :-(

Pleanty of decent price single wheels on ebay tho :)
Cheers guys, currently about to bid for one on ebay!!!

I've also PM'd Rick
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Well I've just bought a brand new (Reconditioned but only 100miles usage, allegedly) one off Ebay for the grand total of £64, an absolute steel!!!
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