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OK, so done the sensible 'Dad' bit, time to have a bit of fun. What better machine to do it in than the ST? I Pick up my new ST on Wednesday, Orange (of course) with a Mongoose 'zorst on it. Buying it from a dealer in Boroughbridge who tend to deal in much more exotic stuff, but the ST still stood out amongst the fields of silver, grey, black etc.

By the way they have a car which I'm sure will be of interest to someone on here, it's Wolf-Races own demo car (the WR330), A real beauty. A bargain too considering theres been over 40K spent on it apparently and they are only asking 4k more than what I'm paying for mine. If anyone is seriously interested, do please let me know, I might be up for a freebie from the salesman!

The dealer is called Alexanders Prestige - Google it! (hope thats not braking the rules!?)

Excellent site by the way, I'm sure I'll find it really useful.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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