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Club Merchandise

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Hi All

The club Calendars have now arrived and are now going out in batches over the next few days along with some back dated merchandise orders.

Can I please ask that if you have an issue with your order please contact one of the staff members or myself via email, PM or the contact us system.

The continued unjustified paypal disputes is starting to cost the club money and time and only one decent member has ever repaid the money taken by paypal by mistake so we either have some very impatient members or some very dishonest ones using dodgy credit cards.

Anyone who enters a dispute will have their account access suspended whilst an investigation into the dispute is conducted by paypal.

Please remember that this isn't my full time job and that I don't get access to the postal service on a daily basis. We will always try to complete your orders as soon as possible but with a death in the family, a baby, a wedding and various other issues the past three weeks have been very difficult.

Thank you to those of you who continue to support the club.

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Scott, I whole heartedly support this decision, as a business seller who uses Paypal, I feel your pain! Paypal is so easy to setup which is why I suspect you are using it! However the amount of chargebacks that I used to receive was scary, so much so that I actually made a net loss one month! Suspending accounts seems the only way to prevent the easy misuse of Paypal.

PS... Where's my hat?
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Sounds like you could use a nice pint on the 18th Scott

Keep up the good work people
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BAN all the impatient robbing b

Seriously though, people should learn that others have a life to lead,

I believe that the staff and founders do all they can to keep the hordes happy.

Keep up the good work boys and girls...
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