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Clifford Blackjax

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Does anyone on here have a clifford alarm fitted with blackjax?
Am thinking of biting the bullet and fitting a better alarm system, Am thinking even if the thieving little scrotes steal my keys they wont get far if its fitted.
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My advise is id never have a clifford alarm again. i had one fitted and the blackjaxx sounds awsome but becomes a total pain in the rear, everytime u let some out u type in ur code or 1/2mile down the road the car cuts outs. It didnt lower my insureance by having one fitted either. I know clifford is a great make etc but i wouldnt ever buy one again.
I would get the AUTO LOCK feature enabled, and hide ur keys at night. Thats what ive done.

The alarm was fitted to a highly modded Fabia vrs.
and of course this is my opinion others iam sure will give u theres.
Had a clifford £1k top jobby on ma last car - would never do it again. the blackjax is a pain in the ****, switched it off after 2 weeks, i was always unlocking my car by accident - the distance it works on is too far.....although does make a good door bell with prox sensors
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I had one fitted to my Z3. I agree with gtjunior, it became a pain to punch in your code everytime you got in and also if i remember correctly you had to do it everytime the drivers door was opened.

I also didn't like the cheap plasticy look of the small button pad that was installed.

Facit - don't waste your money !
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