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Not sure if this has been covered in other threads. I've been searching the internet for some alternative Christmas lyrics, mostly for my young neice and general merriment. It's 15 years since school for me so I've forgotten quite a few of these but they were always good seasonal fun as I remember. I've trawled the interweb a little and come up with the following which is probably enough but I wondered if anyone else had any crackers the more purile the better! Particularly looking for different carols and hymns.

Jingle Bells:
Jingle Bells
Batman smells
Robin laid an egg
Blow your nose with cheerios
And flush them all away

Some verses
Sledding through the woods
On a pair of broken skis
Over the hills we go
Smashing into trees (ow! ow! ow!)

The snow is turning red
I think I'm almost dead
I woke up in the hospital with stitches in my head!

Verse 1
While shepherds washed their socks by night,
And hung them on the line,
The angel of the Lord came down,
And said 'Those socks are mine !

Verse 2
While shepherds washed their socks by night
all watching ITV
the angel of the Lord came down
and switched to BBC.

We three kings of Orient are:
Verse 1:
We three kings of orient are
One in a taxi
One in a car
One on a scooter
Blowing his hooter
Smoking a fat cigar

Oh, star of wonder
Star of light
Sit on a box of dynamite
Light the fuse and off we go
To Mexico
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