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Changing Numer Plates

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I got some new licesne plates ( Thanks DMB )

Had a major issue with the rear one though :\ The screws were just spinning so I thought id take the trim out the boot lid and see If there was a bolt on the inside, There was but to say it would be impossible to get to the bolt would be a MASSIVE under statement! In the end I had to saw off the bolts knock them through and re drilll some new holes and bolt it that way.. wasnt impressed lol.. The bolt was like a plug bolt that just would not undo, Even with a apair of pliers on the back of the bolt the screw/nut would not budge at all!

Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me? I seem to have rather bad luck with little jobs like this on the ST

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The nut's on the back are welded in place , if i were you id have just stuck the plates on with some double sided sticky pad's which can be bought from Halfords.
They look much better fitted this way as there are no screw heads showing on the actual plate

Ive used the sticky pad's on both my front and rear plates and they have been on for nearly 3 years with no issues what so ever
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YOu should have replaced them with Riv nuts, they work like a pop rivet but are threaded, or rawlnuts, they are nuts stuck in some rubber so when you tighten them they pull the rubber up to create the friction adn thus seal.

I would not use the white sticky pads as they are a real pain to remove if you ever have to, get the trim repair tape stuff instead.

However, I would not stick the rear plate on as it stands proud of the boot panel and I remove it every wash to ensure no muck is behind the plate (you can see it)
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