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Caught Speeding

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Heading off to work tonight I went a different way to normal as the usual route was covered in mud, grit and sugar beat, not to mention the constant stream of tractors and lorrys.(I live in back o beyond)
Any way, just as i came from a 60 into a 30 a police man gunned me, i was slowing and was caught doing 54 in the 30.
obviously pulled me over, explained I should be doing 30 well before the sign, which i agreed to.

Was told I would recieve a court summons and they would decide my fate, I can either go to court and plead guilty or stay home and plead guilty.

Im my 4 years driving iv never had any dealing with the police or the legal system.

I have no idea what to do, or expect!

In all honesty im terrified.

By the way im not looking for sympathy, I completly accept im guilty.

Any comment / advice welcome.
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Unlucky mate.

But like some have said, don't worry about it. If you worry too much your going to get more and more upset.

I have been there before and so have many other forum members.

I only had my ST three months before I was caught speeding. Yup, 60 in a 30.

All I can say is that it taught me a huge lesson and one experience I don't want to go through again.

Honestly, don't beat yourself up about it, chin up and good luck matey what ever the outcome

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