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As some may know i work at a Ford main dealer as a Tech, was having a browse through my phone pics and cam across some interesting cars that have been traded in and bought over the years i have worked there.

Chap bought this from us few years before i started, needed somewhere to keep it whilst he sorted out his collection so it spent a year in our showroom
Car Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Land vehicle

The guy who bought this didn't even want it cleaning or the PDI, took it straight away on a trailer to his collection, then brought it back a few weeks later to get re wrapped after his valeter made the matt finish shiney
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Car Wheel Land vehicle Tire Vehicle

This guy traded it in for a MK2 Focus RS, there were alot of confused faces that day
Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Same with this chap, he bought a Focus RS also!
Car Vehicle Tire Wheel Hood


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