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I have been having an issue with starting my 2015 Diesel Focus ST and sometimes when it does start, it runs like sh***, or won't rev over 2000rpm sometimes, 3000rpm other times, or will rev most of the range but have a major lack of power.

Engine light will be on, service now will be displayed, hill assist not available and ESC is stuck off.

This can remain for the entire (Approx 10mile) journeys I make, or sort itself out within a couple of miles, (performance wise and turning it off and on again clears the lights / error messages).

The first day I had an issue, the car started fine, drove about 200 meters, before coming to a stop after pulling off from a junction, as if I'd stalled. Pressed start and it wouldn't start. Tried multiple Jump packs, but no luck.

I measured the voltage on the battery and found it to be around 11.2V. A new battery was brought to me and we fitted it, but car would still not start. After towing it home and disconnecting the battery (- & +) for around 30 mins, whilst checking a few starting related fuses. (a few relays were swapped before disconnecting the battery to rule them out too).

Once re-connected, the car started and ran fine for 2 days.

Then the next morning it started but with the running issues mentioned at the top of this post.

I drove it to the garage unable to drive above 2000rpm and left it outside.

When they got to it it ran fine. After a coupe of attempts they could replicate the faults. MAF sensor fault and Crankshaft position sensor faults were found.

The MAF sensor was replaced and car ran fine. (no fault codes displaying).

Then back to the same running issues.

(In the meantime, the new battery was removed and the original replaced after tests suggested original was OK, and the faults were still present with new battery).

Multiple Plugs were then unplugged from the CEM behind the glove box, contacts cleaned and reinstalled, car ran fine for a week. (One of these days it was 1 Degree C outside and it started fine).

Yesterday I had the same initial running issues.

Today the original 11.2V battery, no start issue. But it started fine on booster pack and ran fine for drive home.

(Just to mention, I have never had the issues occur mid drive, only on start up, sometimes for the duration)

A sensor was located behind the drivers side (right hand) wheel, on the bottom of the engine. Removed sensor pictured below.

The part number is 9674265980

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Automotive lighting

This I believed to be the Crankshaft position sensor as it mounted on the engine, looking at the crank pulley.

Unplugging this sensor replicated the faults (running rough) immediately. (But did start first time)

Putting the part number into google and eBay, I couldn't find any mention of it being a ford part, mainly showing Peugeot / Citroen. (I am aware manufactures share parts).

An alternative part number of 0986280606 was given to me which is the same sensor but made by Bosch, again for Peugeot / Citroen.

Finally I have found the sensor on It is listed as below...

Product No. 2224144

I will be ordering one tomorrow at local garage but believe the lead time to be a couple of weeks, hence my reason for posting, does anyone know if I am on the right track or is there something else at play?

While it would make sense for the running issues, could this also lead to the battery drain?

There is always 15V being produced when the car is running.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

I will update as and when the sensor is replaced, and hopefully this thread will help someone in the future, as I have struggled to find any information myself.
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