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Can't Drive For 6-8 Weeks (pics)

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This is the reason I'm unable to drive for 6-8 weeks

This was the 4th surgery and it'll be the last!!

I've had 2 Arthroscopy's for cartilage damage an ACL Reconstruction and this one was a Lateral Tenodisis. Surgeon said it went very well and should be back to work begining of March.

It's been 3 weeks since the op and I'll be on crutches and in a titanium brace untill 5th January and then 8-10 weeks physio.

The poor ST is having to relax over xmas and will be treated to smoothed in front fogs in the new year, being paid for by an 8 week saving on petrol!!

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Schidtt man that's some scar! You damage your knee kickin the bad boys up the bum?

Seriously tho' fella, speedy recovery and enjoy the pigout time.
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I wish it had happened then, might have made things much easier!!
I did it April 2008 playing rugby!

Doing my best not to camp next to the fridge! I'll leave that for xmas day
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Looks very neat and tidy job well done i would say. Hope you are back on your feet soon
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Thanks Suz, yeah the surgeon is very good, nice and neat
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