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Button Vs Hamilton, With A Difference

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OK, I'm not interested in who is the better driver, today I wanna know your view on which one of them has the fitter missus?

Jessica Michibata is Button's missus -
Swimsuit top Lingerie top Brassiere Swimwear Swimsuit bottom

Nicole Scherzinger is Hamilton's missus -
Joint Lip Chin Shoulder Eyelash


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Hamiltons other half is by far the nicest, well that my female opinion anyway
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Buttons misses just pipps it for me ,lol.
Did a quick survey around the office (whilst most people are nursing their hangovers from last night!!) and the majority vote goes to Miss Jessica!!!
A mixed bag of opinions here then - I can't decide.
I think Nicole would let me do things to her that Jessica wouldnt.
Jessica .......................Nicole is so annoying!!!

but she does have a weird hairy forehead....
Gonna be brave here and say even tho' i'm gay, Nicole wins hands down!!! lol
Button's bird, I bet she can sing better too.
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