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Busy Weekend

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Well i haven't washed the car for 3 weeks so it was a bit grubby on friday

Sat morning i got up early (12ish for fish + chips)
then got the cleaning gear out.
Started with the karcher and gave it a blast to get rid or the mud, etc. I then used the foam lance and snowfoamed the car/ arches/ etc before rinsing it off and washing using the wool mitt

I clayed the car a few weeks ago so skipped that step so dried the car and left it in the garage for a couple of hours

6.00pm last night i got out my newly purchased DA buffer and started on the bonnet and roof - what a difference that made and so easy (time consuming as i did several passes in small sections). I then put on a coat of Blackfire paint protection and called it a night at 9pm

Today after bacon butties i decided to finish the job even though i have all next week off which is when i was going to o it, sostarting with the tailget then sides and bumpers i got the DA out and DA'd the lot getting 90% of the scratches/ swirls out and then applying the paint protection.

it was then the windows turn for a good cleaning followed by the plastic + rubbers and finally the tyres

I can't belive how the time flew as i spent 8-9 hours and this was just on the exterior

It's looking showroom fresh now but i know when i get to work tommorow (8 miles) it'll look grubby again - ah well it'll get another polish next weekend
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Sounds like a busy few days, should have stuck some piccies up.
I didn't finish until 4.30pm yesterday and when i opened the garage door it was dark so i couldn't take piccies

Typically it rained today so it's not sparkling anymore - water beads nicely though
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