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What a nightmare,

Just got back home and seen my car pressed up against a neighbours with the front grille popped out, on closer inspection something has gone into the back of it, put a slight hairline in the back bumper which has rolled forward and smashed a section of the grille. I'm meant to be collecting my new car 20th June so need to sort it ASAP.

Any ideas if a SMART type repair could fix this hairline crack on the rear bumper? I'm obviously going to have to replace the grille. Not sure how good the pic is but it's essentially a small pressure line crack almost the boot width with some hazing cracks around either sides.

Also - Do you have to remove the front bumper to replace the grille? I can't tell if it's a pop in/out one or if it's got fixings on the inside too

What a :censored: - not even a note, must have gave the car a right shunt as the handbrake was up and I was no where near touching the car I bounced into when I parked it after work. Funny though, noticed one persons car further up the road with a mark on their bumper that wasn't there before so I'll pop round later and see what they say

Please see pics



1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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