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Bsod On Boot Up (xp Pro)

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The Mrs plugged in a USB pen drive into the PC and it rebooted instantly now when it starts it gets to the Windows P boot scrolling screen then very quick shows BSOD and reboots. I cant start in Safe Mode or use last known good config.

I've taken out the HDD and plugged it into my laptop but it shows as 0 size with 0 files and in RAW format. I need the data off of it if possible, and ideally i'd like to repair it so i don't have to do a re-install of all my programs on a fresh copy of XP.

Can anyone offer advise? If it involves software then it must be freeware.

Thanks guys.

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Hi mate,

Two things you can try:

1) just before XP begins to load, press F8 to get the boot options and select "Last good known configuration"

2) If you boot from the XP CD and go into the recovery console you can simply type chkdsk /r
This in most cases solves BSOD

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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