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Broken Bracket On My Ds Induction

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right then peeps over the past few days ive been hearing a knockin sound coming from under the bonnet when i turned the car on. so yesterday i thought i'd try and find the problem i found it straight away the top mounting bracket on the induction kit on the top half of the pipe that connects to the engine has snapped any ideas what i can do
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take it to a motor bike body shop they can do a plastic weld or go to a custom exhaust place and get stainless pipes made. or ask dreamscience?
the pipe hasnt broke its the bracket that attatches to it from the block
i know bud but they could plastic weld the bracket or if they made you metal pipes weld on a metal bracket. ask dreamscience they might give you a replacement?
I had this problem with the lower bracket.
One call to DreamScience had another one in the post as replacement!
still waitin to hear back from carl
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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