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Breakdown Cover

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Now we have got rid of our other car and have just the ST I've been tasked with getting some kind of breakdown cover. I've never had any in the past or even experienced the use of it when with mates that had sick cars, we've always made do to get home with tools in the boot or a spare wheel so I'm not really sure whats a good deal and quite what level of cover I might need.

Can anybody recommend any of the companies SkyInsurance, Chris Knott, AA, RAC that they have actually used for a call out or have experience of?

Its main use will be for recovery to a garage a new tyre if we manage to shred a tyre as we have no spare and I don't have much faith in the liquid repair kit, especially on anything more than a small nail.

European cover is a bonus but not really needed and I don't really want to pay extra for it, although being able to add it as an option later might be useful.

Homestart does sound like a useful thing to have, more so as we only have the one car for getting about. What kind of response times have people experienced with getting these companies to come out and get you off to work? Its no good having home start cover if they don't turn up till 10am and take two hours to fix it when work starts at 8am!

I do like the offers from both SkyInsurance and Chris Knott as they are a cracking deal but the wife needs reassurance that they will offer service as good as the bigger brands of AA and RAC.

Peoples own experiences with any of these companies would really be appreciated.

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Greenflag all the way mate!! I'm sure if they don't get there within the hour you get a tenner back and average reponse time is about 35 minutes!
Was with the RAC but when my old 220 GTi used to play up they always seemed to send a 3rd party garage, some good some not so good! Failed to fix some simple things at the roadside and took car to my local garage for repairs. Now with the AA and last time I needed them for my ZT they arrived in the proper AA van within 40 minutes. The guy was really good and got me going within 15 minutes. Followed me almost all the way home to make sure all was ok..
I'm with the RAC best thing for me is they cover you not the car and i can add the wife for free.
Only used them once with gearbox failure so had to be recovered to a local garage. Who were really good.
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Thanks for the replies. I like the idea of them having a SLA for call out time and them compensate you if they fail to meet expectations. After all you only call these guys out when you really need them.

So one vote each for Greenflag, RAC and the AA. With RAC using independents I think they're out of the running. It's the idea of random123 garage being sent to fix the roadside issue the wife has a problem with. She would much rather they are an official like the AA guys. As marcobz said some independents are great and others terrible, luck I guess in part.

Has nobody used the club sponsors SkyInsurance and Chris Knott?
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