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Brazilian Riot

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I think if this was in England we would be banned from the World Cup! This is a proper riot! News Article Click & Video Click
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I'm sure I saw a guy come out the crowd with a golf club!!!! How the
are they allowed golf clubs into a stadium!

Unbelievable behaviour. Where's the horses and tear gas!!!??
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I think the coppers were a bit out numbered, I like the copper at the end though with his shotgun... they soon ran off!
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Yeah with them being out numbered, might have been an idea to start off with the shotguns at the ready!
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I dont the Police in South Africa will be soft on anyone . From what i saw on the news the other day they have got buses with jails and judges on them . My tattoo artist has just moved there and says ' they will not take s
t from anyone and love to beat people with those long flexi canes '.

If they f
k about they deserve all they get ....
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