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at the 2 year service, its only a recomendation from ford its changed.. some dealers ive found will change it as part of the 2 year service.. others wont unless you pay extra.

The reason its changed, is because over time brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air, and goes black and therefore looses its ability to function 100% because of the moisture contamination.

Some people leave it and never change it in the life or ownership of the car.. then years down the line wonder why they suffer from master cylinder failure, siezed calipers etc... because what happens is because the brake fluid absorbs moisture, the moisture in the fluid will eventually start to corrode the braking system from the inside out, seals deteriate and break down etc.

But by changing it your pro-longing the life of the system and avoiding those things, premature failure of seals, internal corrosion, and maintaining the braking efficiency of the car. with brake fluid, mileage isnt so much a factor, because even when the car is standing still the fluid can pick up moisture regardless... so whether the car has done 25k miles or 10k miles, it will of been outside for the same amount of time still.

As a warning though, do not let the system go dry when changing, because IDS will then be required to trigger the bleed sequence on the ABS unit.
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