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Hi folks,

Having seriosuly considered an ST just over a year ago the Mrs & I are back looking again but now with a baby on the way we're trying to find out whether the buggy will fit (never thought I'd ever ask this question - oh how times have changed!).

I've tried searching all over and can't see anywhere showing the exact dimensions of the boot - I can see it's 282 or 385 litres depending on the spare wheel type but we'd love to see height, width and depth to save us making any unecessary trip to the dealers if the buggy of choice (again, never thought we'd choose the buggy before the car!) won't fit...


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Put the buggy in the car and go to a dealer with the car you are looking for and try it in,iam sure the dealer won't mind if he thinks he will get a sale

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Thanks. We haven't actually bought the buggy yet but it's a clear favourite (Phil & Ted's E3 Sport) hence why I'm hoping to work out if it'll fit just from looking at the specs of both.

I have the exact dimensions of the buggy when folded (91x58x27cm) and it'll fit for sure but we're hoping it'll fit lengthways along one side of the boot so the rest of the boot can be free for other baby junk. So I guess we're asking if the depth of the boot exceeds 91cm?

I'm sure that's more details that you needed but we'll love it if we can get the best of both worlds (performance for me and space for the baby & clobber!)

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