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Who'd be up for this?

In that weird car park where no one goes again! Last time it was quite a good spot, we didn't get bothered by anyone and must have been 50-100 spaces empty around us. Quite a good few 'dodgy' driving incidents witnessed aswell which are always worth a giggle.

Just remeber if ya traveling from London or Essex over the bridge were gonna convoy to bluewater.

Meeting at thurrock services (lakeside) approx 7 and leaving approx 7:30 - 7:45 the very latest

Thurrock Services (Lakeside Essex)
Granada Service Station
Thurrock Motorway Services Area
RM16 3BG

Will be meeting in the House of Frazer Car Park towards the back

Copy and paste put in your name

01)Ashley6 (Focus)
02)LukeST (Fez)
03) Iann (Focus) TBC
04) Byron (Focus)
05)Westy_C (Fiesta)
06)AndyC (Focus) TBC
07)Hayley.x (Focus)
08)Colin-pb (Focus)
09)Clivest3 (Focus)
10)Becks (Fez)
11)Burty (Fez)
12)Maverick-ST (Fez)
13) Martin C (Mondeo ST TDCi)
14)DuracellKev (Mondeo ST TDCi)
15)Stuey D (Mondeo ST220)
16)bigdal (Mondeo ST220)
17)Victor (mondeo ST TDCi)
18)Victor's mate (Fez)
19)Motopeter95200 (Focus)
20)goodbadst3 (Focus) TBC
21)bfst24 (Focus)
22)KINGST (Fez)
23)Wesjones (Focus)
24)Jacko999 (Focus)
25)Chezzagirl (Focus)
26)Daniel Fletcher (Focus)
27)Claire27 (Focus)

28)Overlag (Fez)
29)Ben302 (Focus)

30)jimbo1a (Mondeo ST200)
31)Eric N (Focus)
32)2bar (Focus)
33)NPRS2K (Focus)
34)M.Barnes (Fez)
35)applecom (Focus)
36)GoFasterStripes (Focus)
37)MikeJ (Focus)
38)Andrew AJ Honeywell (Focus)
39)Lee_safc (Focus)
40)Claires Brother (Focus)
41)muttlyst (Mondeo ST TDCi)
42)Mondy mad (Mondeo ST TDCi)
43)Whisker (Fez)
44)Bensommer (Fez) LATE
45)Mad mexico (Fez) LATE

46)Quinny (Focus)
47)Hayes (Fez)
48)MonsterST (Fez) TBC
49) Ant ST170 (ST170)
50)Wacko Jacko (Focus)
51)Mark185 (Fez)
54)JoeDST (Fez)
55)Steveo1981 (Fez)
56)Chris_fezST (Fez)
57)Sibo_st (Mondeo ST200)
59) Nathan (Fez)
60)hannah_c (Fez)
61)ADam89 (Fez)

*Cars to hide around the corner

52)ST-666 (Evo 6) - I want a ride!
53)Peter's mate (Supercharged M3)
58)Steve (DS3)


Heres a map by the way, when you get to point B take the right hand lane and head straight to the back (Red Line).
Performance Ford will be attending, clean your cars

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1)Ashley6 (Focus)
2)LukeST (Fez)
3) Iann (Focus) TBC
4) Byron (Focus) TBC

I'll try and make this one but we have an stoc rr day on Saturday so I cant comit to it. It is a great spot though, shame I couldnt stay too long last time as I had the boy with me.

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I don't normally work Friday night so it's looking a very high possible for me.

Need to get out more too, poor car sits on the drive all lonely lol

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100% ill be there as I'm going to have a play after
....You should probably re word that.

Copy and paste people!

1)Ashley6 (Focus)
2)LukeST (Fez)
3) Iann (Focus) TBC
4) Byron (Focus) TBC
5)Westy_C (Fiesta)
6)AndyC (Focus) TBC (If the missus will let him out
7)Hayley.x (Focus) With a questionable after meet activity...tmi?

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No, I'll get a picture off google maps later and draw the route on that you need to take. I don't mind pm'ing anyone my number who doesn't know where it is

Come in any car, walk lol
Lol ill try and get my mate to come along and ill jump in with him.
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