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Bluetooth, Iphone And Usb

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I have my iphone connecting to the stereo over bluetooth for the phone no problem, I also am able to pick up the iphone music player on bluetooth aswell which is the problem.

How the heck do I get it so the iphone can be plugged into the usb and the audio jack used so I can actually control the music from the head unit. Over bluetooth it seems I have to control everything from the iphone itself and even when plugged into USB and audio lead the music goes over bluetooth so I cant control what it is playing (unless perhaps I switch to ipod, change track, then switch back to bluetooth input on the stereo)

Any ideas?

Ps - also get a message that this device is not intended to work with iphones, do you want switch to airplane mode - can I disable this message?
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Dedicated cable is what you want Alan.

Your dealer should have them in stock - mines does. If they don't there's always Ebay.
I was going to get that but isnt that the same as plugging in a 3.5mm jack into the iphone headphone socket? I think the problem is that the bluetooth picks up the phone for calls but also assumes music will be over the same.

Chances are I am just going to stick music on a USB key anyways and save having to plug anything in (I kinda like the lack of keys anyway so shame to replace that with an iphone cable every day lol)
Having Had Bluetooth USB twice now in my Previous ST and my Current RS - I would reccommend that Y Shape Cable
just reading the thread, if my st-3 dosn't have a usb input is it easy/possible to fit with the dvd sat nav/bluetooth stereo, any help would be gratefully received, at the moment all i can do is receive call through blootooth or play music through the 3.5 jack, and i'd like to control the music through the head unit.
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