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A couple of years ago,someone wrote out a fantastic guide on how to fit bluetooth.Does anyone have the link as i couldn't find it.Rich if you find it can you transfer it over to RSOC.COM as its a good read.

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QUOTE(RB2004 @ 9 Jan 2010, 12:14 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi, do you mean bluetooth or usb bluetooth?

Im currently writing up a guide on retrofitting USB if you already have bluetooth.
Thanks,but it was bluetooth,one of the guys on Focusrsoc has already written a guide on usb fitment,but thanks anyway.

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yep, except the on the current bluetooth 1, theres a mistake in it which caused people to loose sound through the speakers during a phonecall.
That has now been solved.

do you have the bluetooth module plug behind the dashboard?

if so, for a full installation you would require.

Bluetooth Module
New light surround on the headlining
microphone and cable
new audio controls for the steering wheel with the voice button.
Bluetooth module bracket
2 screws to secure bracket to dashboard
1 screw to secure module to bracket.

Then its just a case of,

Removing the glovebox, 4 screws at the top, consisting of 2 eigther side, and 2 in the middle eigther side of the latch/locking mechanism.
and a further 4 screws at the bottom, that are covered up by 4 plastic covers that pull towards you from the top front edge.

Then locate the bluetooth connector behind the dashboard, should be near the top somewhere.

next screw the bracket to the bluetooth module using 1 screw

before screwing the whole lot up into place behind the dashboard up at very top, caution it is really fiddly.

next you will need to remove the trim panel up the side of the passenger side running up the edge of the windscreen, and the lighting panel on the headlining, replace for the microphone version. you may need to make the hole in the headlining larger.

and then run the cable back down behind the headliner and down the windscreen pillar.. you should come accross a connector somewhere to connect up to.

next thing to do is to swap the steering controls, on the rear of them there should be a plastic tab you push with a screwdiver.. then the whole thing will pull out, then its just a case of plugging the new one in.

if you dont already have bluetooth though you may need to get it initially configured on IDS.

If required I can provide part numbers, or will post pics of where everything is/how it connectors/goes.

If you do not have any wiring currently you can get a jumper loom, but you will be restricted to a non usb setup without doing wiring modifications.

for extra USB fitment you would require,

Ipod Holder
Ipod USB socket
Ipod AUX socket
IP Cable 1
IP Cable 2
Centre console jumper loom

removal of the centre console,

2 bolts to be removed eigther side at the rear, floor level.. next to driver and passenger seat runners
2 torx screws underneath the armrest at the very back on top

you should then be able to pull out the centre console rear cover with the armrest closed, it unclips from the bottom, then just lifts up.

next undo 2 torx screws under the armrest at the front on top eigther side of the magnetic catch.

then the bit around the handbrake should unclip and pull out... pull from the back under the armrest first, handbrake gaitor should just slide over the handbrake handle... tip here is to shove the car in gear and release and pull up the handbrake a few times sharply.. it will cause it to pull up slightly higher than normal.

next unscrew the gearknob, it will unscrew about 8 1/2 9 turns.

remove the gearstick gaitor, it uncips and best removed from the rear left corner first nearest to the handbrake.

unscrew 1 torx screw underneath the mat inside the cup holders

that whole panel of trim around the gearstick should then unclip and lift out of place.

you will then see 2 10mm bolts exposed, remove those.

whole centre console should then lift out of the car.

start by replacing the centre console loom, just pull out the old 1 and replace with the new 1 like for like.
should then have an extra connector for aux.

if you have the bluetooth with voice control module, unscrew the old module and replace with new, then run 1 of the IP cables down to the front of the centre console.

then install the 2nd IP cable inside the centre console alongside the jumper loom.

on the very rear of the centre console you will see behind the rear cover when removed faint lines that look like this roughtly,

Excuse the poor diagram lol, but those are basically the ones ford cut out in the factory, that will then allow the ipod holder to neatly hook into place and give the correct sized holes for the cables to come through on the back of the ipod holder.

next unscrew 2 large screws on the inside of the armrest, top 2 only, which actually hold the armrest onto the centre console.
offer the ipod holder up into place, hook it into the 2 new holes at the bottom, then replace the 2 removed screws.. as they are now used to hold the ipod holder and armrest into place.

connect up the relevant connectors on the back of the Ipod holder

re-install the centre console as per reverse of instructions above

then connect up the IP cable and jumper loom behind the passenger kick panel on the centre console... that is held on by 2 torx screws that lie behind the 2 plasic covers that easily pull out.
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