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I bought Stage 3 from Bluefin and now I have problems with uploud my remap.
Servers Supechips aren't respose.
Customer service confirm my purchase but servers not response.

I know, I'm living in Asia when internet is Sci-fi but I know my civil right.
Yes! We are monkeys but my ST is prepare to drive for monkeys!
Anybody has the same problem from Superchips?

My "white bear" gave me 1 MB extra. Maybe now I connect with Superchips?


Still is silence.

So, tell me what have to do guy from Poland (Asia)BTW (Europe) with guys from London?
3 days Im waiting for answer. Nothing!

Idiot from Poland?

Thanks mates!

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QUOTE(maxal @ 23 Jan 2010, 06:31 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi, are you sure you have the latest software download from Bluefin, they update their firmware alot.


Alans right,

I had the same problem last month, go to their website, download it from there and you should be sorted


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Failing that, if there are still server problems Superchips can email the file you for your car and tell you how to upload from your computer onto the handset - this feature has been simplified with their latest software so you can choose a range of maps to run.

It used to be that if you got a connection issue partway through your download would have to re-enable it on their server again as it assumed it had been uploaded and didn't stay available.

search here for the thread on the Bluefin Desktop
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