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I am awaiting delivery of my ST and like most on here am keen to get tuning, starting with ECU software upgrade. With this in mind, I have just been on the phone to both Dreamscience and Bluefin regarding mods I plan to do and maps I would require to suit. I also took the opportunity to ask about buying a second hand programmer as I am tight Aberdonian and would rather save some cash to spend on other tuning such as CAIS etc.

Dreamscience were very supportive of buying a second hand unit and using it accordingly and would happily support this function. The main point they added was that as long as the original unit came with 5 tunes and some lives are left all should be well and there will be zero isssues or costs associated with changing to another vehicle.

Bluefin were much less supportive wrt second hand units and added that, the unit needs to come from the same type of car, the car needs to have been reset to standard, the connections need to be correct (different ones depending on age) and the unit should really be less than one year old! Over and above this, the reset cost is not actually the £140 that everyone talks about on here. It is likely to be £180 at best or up to £280 at worst (based on conditions above). When you can buy a new unit for £391 on stage 1, upgrade free of charge to stage 2 then upgrade again to stage 3 for £50 this tells me that the second hand units for sale for approx. £120 are not likely to be a good investment as you will spend £300 minimum to get no guarantee!!!

Only my own personal point of view but thought that others who are new to the ST tuning world (like me) may appreciate the info. Based on this info, I plan to either buy a second hand Dreamscience unit or buy a new Bluefin.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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