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Blue Tooth Question

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Bought car with ford fitted blue tooth in front of arm rest.

However due to being completely technically thick, how do i connect my phone to the car

ps does it connect to any phone and do i need a cable.
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Have you done a bluetooth search using your phone to see if it picks anything up
Do a bluetooth serach with your phone.
When it brings up a list off devises found, click on the ford audio and a number will be displayed on the ford radio enter that in your phone.
Your phone should know be connected.
The kits with the extra cradle used to let the system connect to your phonebook etc before the transfer was available via bluetooth iirc but I'm sure the fitted cradle will only match the phone the original owner specified.

So plan B as above and do it all via bluetooth, the radio displaying contacts etc is bit more hit and miss though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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