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Black Lexus Tail Lights?

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Any one got the Black Lexus Tail Lights fitted to their St? Ihave the Black headlights on my St and wondered what
they are like. Maybe you have the clear lexus tail lights fitted, so any ones views also Pics of your ST with what lights
you have fitted
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I don't like them mate. Facelift LED lights are what you need. Or just smoke the originals
bought some they peed in through the fixin pins suggest u smoke the originals
smoked originals looks so much better on an ST
I considered those and a few others but I think they look really heap and plastic-y. I went for the smoked option from Pumabuild and I love 'em
Them lexus lights look bent,go for the smoked lights look much better IMO of course
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dont do it ,people will be laughing at you mate ,sorry just my opinion of course!!
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hi Keith, go for the smoked ones from pumabuild mate. there was a thread a while ago about them. they look brilliant.
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