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Hi All.

Thinking of getting some pro-race 1.2s in 18inch.
I'm buying them for track days (mainly) but, they cost the same regardless
of colour, so it would be good if they gave the car a cosmetic lift as well.

The car is Moondust silver & the standard silver wheels can look a bit bland.
I don't think there is enough contrast.

Choices are:

Satin Black
Tempted by this, it will match the black trim around the windows & black interior.
It will be a contrast. Never seen this on a silver car, looks the dogs on EO.
Probably the hardest colour to keep clean.

The favourite at the minute. Again, not seen it on an ST. Some of the newer BMWs
have anthracite wheels & they look good on a silver car. It will provide a bit of contrast
& match the grey grill/plastic trim around the fogs.

Hyper Silver.
The safest choice, will look the most 'standard'. Not ignoring this, maybe Ford where
right putting silver wheels on a silver car & it will be a different silver to the Ford wheel silver.

Gloss Black.
Can't see this working. A real job to keep clean as well.

Anyhow, opinions please & if anyone has any piccies of a moondust silver car with
wheels that aren't silver, that would help a lot.
I've checked the various wheel threads & not many silver STs & none that I found with wheels
that weren't silver.

Thanks in advance, Jon

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I would speak to your local tyre dealer because if you want the tyres changed over as well it may be cheaper than buying from somewhere else.
I was thinking of these just before christmas and my local place quoted me £460 iirc for 4 wheels and having the 4 tyres changed over
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