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Hey chaps,

I think my car and/or me must be cursed or something ... after someone scratched and dented my bonnet while parked and after my washer jet cover broke, someone's now gone and clipped my wing mirror breaking the plastic surround (mercifully the wing mirror itself is still alright) so I figured I might as well just get them all done in one hit, it's approaching xmas bonus time again at work so might as well spend on something for me for a change

So anyway, I was wondering what places people recommend for buying bits? I need a (driver's side) wing mirror cover/casing and a driver's side washer jet cover, I went to my local breakers but all they had was a blue 58 ST
I don't mind buying pre-primed bits and getting them sprayed or buying second hand parts from a breakers or whatever so long as they are orange (although I expect you'd have to buy a whole wing mirror and bumper from a breakers?)

Any advice would be awesome

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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