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Whille i was out today i decided to stop off at a local petrol station off the m32 to pick up the new pf magazine.Went in picked it up and walked back to my car,

The garage was quite with only 1 car filling up next to me.As i got into my car putting down my packet of magazines and wet weather comforts I look up and in my wing mirror saw two young gents dressed in black walking up towards the car from behind.

As that is nothing to be alarmed by as that can happen any day of the week something got my hairs up,As they were walking up they were giving off a real fake persona.Acting to normal, heads held up not looking at anywhere but straight ahead, being from south africa and having to be alert while driving on sa roads, this would been a typical carjacking scenario...

In the next few split seconds my hand shot up locking the door with me turning my head to see what would happen next, But they didnt change the expressions but saw them mumbling between them. They carried on walking past the car and to the garage shop only stopping at the door then mumbling a few more words.

I then started up and on my drive out the garage saw the other guys filling his car up look at me and at the two gents looking a bit unsure as well..

If that was a start to a bad situation im not sure but it did make me a little nervous...
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