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Bbs Lm Reps Wheel Bolts

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Ive just bought some BBS LM reps off here from an old group buy, does anyone know what bolts I need to fit them as I believe the holes are too small for standard wheels bolts?

Cheers, Paul
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You can use your original bolts, they fit fine!

The only trouble you will have is with the locking bolt as the 'key' wont fit in the hole but the bolt does.

I worked around this by chopping of a part of my 'key' off with a hax saw. Now i have no probs!

Hope this helps....
Really! I'll have to look into that much did you have to remove?
You need to chop off the casing that surrounds the actual 'key' part.

If you take your key and try and fit it into the hole you will see which bit needs removing. Then slap it in a vice of some kind and start cutting. I filed the edge round aswell just incase. I will try and take a photo for you to show the out come.
Thats great thanks mate! I showed it to my friend whos done engineering and he put it on the lathe for me to remove some of the sleeve. Looks like a good job to
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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