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Hi guys, this may be a simple one but i just wanted to check.
When my car has been standing for 2-3 days the battery is completely flat ( to the point where the central locking doesn't work and you have to use the key)

I have a sub fitted in the car which i use on most journeys so this could be draining the battery but it never happened with my older focus which had a much smalelr battery so i dont think its that. I also have an IPOD that sits on charge in the car (headunit is hardwired in so IPOD just charges when im not using the car) Again this was exactly the same on my older frocus which had a much smaller battery.

The sub definetley powers down when the engine is off, so the only thing actually causing any power draingage would be the IPOD but i cant see how this is enough to drain the battery so fast? bearing in mind the ipod hibernates anyway when nothing is connected.

have i got another problem or is it likely to be the ipod? i will test without the ipod the next time i need to leave the car for a few days. Just dont want to be flattening the battery and having to jump it every time i leave the car
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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