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Automatic Volume Control (avc)

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Hi, just wondering if anyone can actually notice the AVC working in their car.

I have the OEM single CD DAB unit with B/T and USB in an 09 ST. The AVC can be set from +1 to +5. I'm assuming that +5 means its either more sensitive to picking road noise or produces a greater volume change when it does pick up and increase in ambient noise.

I've tried all settings from 1 to 5. I've also experimented turning on the headunit before starting the car, after starting at idle, while driving...and nothing seems to make it work. I still have to turn the volume up manually if, for example, I go onto the motorway.

Has anyone else noticed this / fixed this or know what I'm doing wrong?


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The volume changes with speed rather than taking a measurement of road noise itself, reckon mine works as passengers have noticed it but I've got used to it myself.
I believe it is speed sensitive

I have mine on a high number and don't have to adjust the volume at all
i cant tell if mine works on my original 07 sony headunit - avc is set to on, but no chnage in volume is apparent at higher road speed
i hate this feature so much, it really bugs me lol
Cheers for the replies people and thanks for clarifying that it increases with speed. So it seems that the majority can notice it. I have a mate with a Clio Trophy and the feature is really noticeable in his car. I guess I need to get a few different passengers in the motor and see if they can detect anything. But from where I'm sitting it doesn't seem to have any effect and I just end up reaching for the stalk controls like I did in my old focus.
We have this in our Civic and it's very noticeable on the motorway, usually because the Mrs tells me to turn it down and I always have to explain why it's gone louder.
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I didnt even know I had it.
I prefer to listen to the exhaust anyway.
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I get a slight change at 30mph and then a more noticeble volume increase somewhere between 70 and 80mph
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