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Audi R8 Crash

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Just seen this on our sister site on and though i would share it over here im sure our friends over there wont mind.

the first pic got me confused but the 2nd pic tells all.

cant believe the driver lived to tell the tale.

dont look if u get easily upset by car crashes though.
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Oooh thats a bad one. The driver lived but lost both legs
. I guess the speed dial etc is stuck at the speed the car was going at the time?
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o poor guy losing his legs.
extreme crash.
that's messy, driver and passenger lucky to be alive!

Bit of a grim job for the clean up team though.
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Thats a nasty one . Anyone who gets out of a crash like that should be very gratefull
Lucky to get out alive.

'Passenger got out un injured

Both very very lucky
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blooming heck that is nasty. I'm surprised the driver got out of that mess alive!
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Seems that crash barrier was wrong installed.. opposite to the flow.. what do you think?
That really makes you think about how you drive when sometimes you drive abit harder than you should look what can happen!!
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