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Hello fellow Ford fans, I came across this link from Ford EU and thought it might be of interest.

Ask @Ford @ Geneva!
Have a question you'd like Ford to answer from the motor show in Geneva this year?

We will sort through the submitted questions and answer as many as we can from this years motor show at Geneva.

Please use this on-line form: to submit your question

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Well I just submitted the obvious 'will there be a new Focus ST?' question but I'm confused as to how the answer will be fed back to me as it never asked me for contact details

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I am looking into yor question troy45.
FordEu contacted me thru Twitter to let me know they received my questions.
I will let you know when Ford replies back to me.

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Here is the reply from FordEu: We will be either answering questions live [vid], or video posts to Youtube recorded at the show - we'll be doing a live twit Q&A too.

Thought I would included Ford EU links to Media Site, twitter, facebook etc


Ford Europe is hoping to connect with Ford enthusiasts thru social media outlets such as twitter, facebook, etc.
So any help from the community here would be appreciated to pass on the information and to start to have a
more direct communications source with Ford.

IMO I think it is great that Ford is working to put a more human element to their business and listen to us consumers, plus we
can get more in tune with what Ford is doing.


BTW I do not work for Ford, just a big fan and appreciate that Ford is reaching out to connect with us people!

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Some more Ford EU Geneva social media info

Ford in Europe -
One of the people we've lined up for live Twitter sessions at Geneva next week: Stefan Lamm.

He is a key architect of the kinetic design language now extending its reach around the world with the new Ford Fiesta and the next-generation Ford Focus ....

We'll be announcing the live Twitter schedule early on Monday
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