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Anyone Know If This Dv Will Fit My St?

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my friend has bought this dump valve but he said it wont fit his car and he hasn't got any other information on it, all we can see is its a baileys dumpvalve but not sure what model it is, ive attached a picture so wondering if anyone knows what model it is and if it will fit my ST?

if it will fit then what parts will i need i.e. hoses etc and where can i get them from? thanks


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my mate said its a '20mm inlet pipe' if that helps?
Needs to be a twin piston type to work on the ST. If it is then you will just need the Bailey fitting kit but I'm not sure on the inlet diameter

You can buy a brand new one with fitting kit for £130
Yeah cheers, I emailed Bailey themselves with the picture and they told me how to tell what model it is, its a Dv26, they said they can check it over 4 me if I send it off, not sure if I'm gonna bother or not yet. Anyone got a fitting kit going cheap? Lol
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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