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Any Snowboarders Out There??

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Well as the title suggests,

I was just wondering are there any snowboarders on the forum,

I started skiing in high school skied for about 7 years then found snowboardin, and my god its so much more fun, ive even got the mrs hooked so here it is if your a boarder,

Where you from,

What/how/where do you ride,

You any trips away booked / planned?

You fancy a board meeting in the first week in january up in aviemore?
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i board.
xscape in braehead normally. was at aviemore last year.
What did you think of it mate ive never been before,

I cant belive there are one two snowboarders on here thats
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xscapes great but aviemore was disapointing tbh, think i would save some cash and go abroad before i went there again.
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