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I have just been left a message from Evans Halshaw of Lincoln saying they have a couple of people interested in buying a St second hand in my colour P.Blue.They said they have no stock in and would i be interested in trading mine in for a brand new ST.I am to give them a call and to discuss money if i'm interested.Are they talking
so they can shift a new car to me?
I'm not really interested in up grading but thought if i could get a good enough deal i might.My current ST is completley standard( 56 plate)in P.Blue,in mint condition with 25,000 miles and just had 3rd major service and m.o.t.
If i was to buy the exact same car how much would you expect me to have to pay (cash) to make the difference up?
Thanks,all reply's will help.
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hmm, new wording on a VERY old trick...

They are just trying to get you into a new car mate, I am sure your car is lovely, but all they want is to sell a new car to you, and that they will try and stiff you on lol
If they really had people interested in the car they would try to push the new car on them, its just a way of trying to get you in and buy the new one mate.
Follow your instincts matey and tell them that you wasnt born yesterday UNLESS they give you a vey good offer...which they wont...
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