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I came accross this statement somewhere on this forum

The computer control module stores information regarding vehicle operating
conditions and uses this information to compensate for component tolerances.
Whenever an emission related component is replaced, the Keep Alive Memory
(KAM) should be cleared to erase the information stored by the control module
from the original component.

To clear KAM, disconnect the negative battery cable for at least five minutes.
After the KAM has been cleared, the vehicle may exhibit certain driveability
concerns. If this is the case, it will be necessary to drive the vehicle at least 10
miles (16 km) for the computer to relearn the values for optimum driveability and

Since owning the car i have installed DS and a full turbo back exhaust system, so should i reset my KAM??
would it show an improvement or as in some cases i have read the performance has declined

Any suggestions welcome


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hi mate. unless your experiencing a fault of some kind, i would just leave it. i tried it on mine and didnt notice any difference whatsoever. if u drive your st hard it will make it feel slower. and vice versa. if you drive in an average way, it will just stay the same. it wont do any harm though. if your car feels sick after it will go away as the kam memorises your driving style. this can take about 300miles.
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