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Am I Stuck?!

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I need help!

I have the standard ford sat nav/bluetooth/heater control unit.
I am not overly impressed with the sound quailty, i think if ford fit a unit that you can't change (as you would have no heating) they should make it sound better!

In all my previous cars i have fitted a decent aftermarket head unit and it makes everything sound SO much better, but as i cant now what are my options (if i have any)

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Hello what do you mean the heater is built in so if you change stereo you lose heater?
Sorry that wasn't too clear was it. The heater/blower controls are all built in to the unit.
Yes found the stereo you have got now so understand.You could always run the standard stereo and run sub and amp to reduce the bass in standard speakers which would make it better.
you could possibly swap the sat unit for a seperate climate control and aftermarket radio? Like the non satnav climate control sts have
Is the climate control unit hard to come b tho?
im assuming you have the blaupunkt DVD SatNav unit with the ford DEATC? built in.

from what ive read previously its not a simple swap to downgrade to the separate Climate control panel, apparently it requires a different wiring loom, and also possibly a different heater box

because the thing about that system is, the climate control ECU which is actually bolted to the bottom of the DVD Sat nav unit and not inside if you pull it out, completely integrates with the Blaupunkt sat nav unit.. which is why when you press the climate button the climate control system comes up on the screen and can be set from the touch screen....even if everything is compatible, the connectors i imagine would almost certainly be different.

I dont think the unit itself is too bad, because its a blaupunkt.

But what you could do as previously said is run the speaker outputs to an amp, then upgrade the speakers.
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