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Already Remapped So Can I Use Ds Without Returning To Stock??

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Hi people, Already have my
remapped by a mobile mapper but im planning on buying DS, will i have to return to stock or can i just load a DS map straight onto it,

As always i appricate any help
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You have to return it to Stock first then load up Ds and the hand set will hold the stock map so you can put it back on when it goes for a service or warranty work
But if the buys a DS hand set wont it save the map he already has, IE it would then become his stock map, then he could load a DS map ?
Yeah good point Chris
, anyone know for sure if i can use a DS remap on my already mapped
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Hi all

If you buy a Stratagem, Stratagem Ultra or Dsci it will simply delete the mobile re-map you have now and when you come to flash back to stock the pre loaded handset stock file will go back on.

This is why our system only takes 4 minutes to flash as we don't do this whole 40 minute upload, instead our devices have a stock file for AE, AF and AG pre stored in the device. The handset talks to the ecu first, reads the part number and then loads the correct calibration.

If you have a DSF3000 custom unit, this will upload the file which is on your car now.

I hope this helps

[email protected]
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