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Airtec Gen 3 Power Plot

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Can anyone explain the torque spike and suuden drop thereafter on the Airtec Gen 3 power plot.
Power also drops off very quickly top end.

Is it the map (maybe Race +) or the cooler?

Remember seeing the GEN 1 tested in Performance Ford on a standard car and it was similar.
High peak with sudden tail off.
Other coolers held on better.
Is there still a flow issue with the GEN 3?

Anyone have a plot for their car with the GEN 3 cooler fitted?
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Thats what I thought.
If it is, the map is letting the cooler down.
Its not selling it to me.

Like to see a plot on another map...........
defo not the cooler mate had mine on the rollers at motorscope not to long ago and mine just kept pulling with a very nice curve
Can you post a copy including mods?
What map you running?
QUOTE(mitchst @ 9 Dec 2009, 08:39 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Can you post a copy including mods?
What map you running?
running code:red 285 map
code:red cais
gen3 cooler
custom made exhaust 3" 4" pipes
de cat 3"
downpipe 3"
That looks a lot healthier top end.
They wanna switch their map its making a good product look bad.
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