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Third attempt

you gonne need

socket 10mm ( battery )
Some flat screwdrivers different size

new airbag cover or new airbag

some lubricant

experience playing with explosives and suriving


disconnect the battery


start the car ( drain all the angry pixies )


pull out steeringwheel for more clearance


Remove plastic cover, it just pulls out on the pfl


Turn the steeringwheel to acces the spring and find the springs

There are 4 places where the spring connects to the steeringwheel

3 of them which you have to undo

when having the steeringwheel straight

there are 2 springs on the side and 1 on the bottom which you have to undo

you can undo the last spring by tilting the airbag

you should be able to tilt it slightly and have a peek inside and you will see where its connected and how to undo it


Use a flatscrewdriver outwards/upwards ( wotever way you look at it )


here you can see where the spring is attached to

the steeringwheel is upside down in the picture

below the yellow cable you see a black clip

this is the 4th place the spring is connected to


Remove the connectors

one is allready removed on the pictures ( it was lose apparantly ) the other you just squeeze and pull out


Now if your smart you just bought a complete new airbag unit instead of just the cover and you can start putting things back together

if you're like me and like a challenge its time to remove the cover

i tried removing it and keeping it intact just incase...

after completely wrecking my hands and messing with tools i decided to give up and just cut the old one


you will end up with


now install the new cover, make sure all parts of the cover are inserted into the slots before you start closing it

you defo wanna use some lubricant, else you gonne be pressing so hard you probably end up damaging it again


go back to installing

make sure the spring ( the white piece of metal is seated on the airbag properly )

make sure everything is connected

tilt the airbag so the spring goes behind the bracket on top of the airbag first

than press it in to connect the other 3 spring parts

enjoy the new look ( No clue why it decides to turn the picture, tried resaving it )





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