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Aftermarket Rear Bumper

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anyone know what bumper this car has?

i think its chris' car, but not been able to pm him

is it the whole bumper, or just an add on at the bottom?

where can i get one of these bad boys?


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gary at wolf mate or european parts matey
Sorry didnt get a PM from you ?

Try here

Link 1

Or here

Link 2

PS Its just an add on, it sticks straight onto your OE bumper
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thanks chris

i did send a pm but my laptops been slow lately, so maybe i didnt wait long enough for it to go through

thanks for the links

didnt realise there are so many!!!

which brand are your ones, as they look the best but its hard to find them amoungst so many?

would they be the reiger ones? you have a pic of the front of your car?
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The rear on mine is a stoffler and the front is a Raid


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